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Salted Gems
Salted Gems
Salted Gems




Every piece of Salted Gems jewelry is hand-crafted & requires delicate handling. Our shells, shark teeth, fossils, gemstones, & other raw materials are naturally & ethically sourced; no two pieces are the same. Each piece is one-of-a-kind, having it's own unique qualities & characteristics that set it apart from the rest. Please remember to respect & embrace the origin of the jewelry,  as to extend the life & wear of each piece.


Sterling Silver Care

Our jewelry is solid  .925 Sterling Silver. What does that mean? Sterling Silver is an alloy of silver containing 92.5% by weight of silver and 7.5% by weight of copper. Our Sterling Silver is nickel free.*

You can avoid tarnish by wearing your jewelry often. The oils in your skin will naturally “clean” the silver & preserve it's luster. Avoid direct contact with cleaning chemicals, perfumes, & lotions.

Silver is a soft metal; it can be easily scratched if not polished with a special silver cloth, a micro fiber cloth, or a lint-free cloth. When polishing, use long back-and-forth motions that go with the grain of the silver. Do not rub in circles, as this will magnify any tiny scratches that you might have from wear; this will keep your silver jewelry clean, lustrous, & tarnish free.

Please Note

Never use diamond cleaner on Pearls, Shells, Corals, Fossils, Shark Teeth, Opals, or Soft Gemstones. To prevent permanent damage to the color of your stones, avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight & excessive heat.

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